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Here at Origami, we are proud to do things differently and it is our unique range and depth of knowledge and experience that sets us apart.  We are a small, highly qualified team who do what we do because we are passionate about enabling and empowering others (both individuals and organisations) to thrive. In order to help you do this, we offer a range of services related to organisational safety, health, well-being and professional development.  


Spanning a wide range of industries, organisational cultures, differing challenges and varying aspirations we have worked alongside many organisations in both consultancy and leadership positions.  Our extensive experience and collaborative approach supports and encourages you to take the knowledge and insights we offer, and apply them in your business. 



Our knowledge is diverse!  Between us we hold qualifications in Organisational Psychology, Engineering, Biological Sciences, Human Factors and more and that’s just the beginning!  In addition, each member of our team is also a qualified and experienced Therapist and this enables us to understand both the organisational context and the individual. Working with organisations and individuals gives us a depth of understanding of the multi-faceted challenges in creating a truly positive and constructive working environment.  It also sets us apart from other training, coaching and consultancy providers, putting us in the unique position of being able to offer you something quite special. 



A suite of webinars around well-being that combine fascinating insights and practical tools and techniques.  And the great thing about these sessions is that they inspire and empower your people in both their professional and personal lives.  These sessions are far more than just information downloads, delegates take away tools to practice and a deeper understanding of themselves and their colleagues.  This all helps to empower individuals, and create a more collaborative culture based around understanding of why people do what they do. 


Webinar sessions are delivered live online by one of our qualified team and run between 60 – 75 minutes (depending on group size and interaction).  We offer a wide range of topics and are always looking for new and interesting topics to add to our offering.

  • Overcoming Anxiety
  • Lifting Low Mood
  • Developing Resilience for Life
  • Understanding Menopause – Managing symptoms
  • Understanding Menopause – Supporting your staff / colleagues (including ‘reasonable adjustments’)
  • Reducing Fatigue
  • Managing stress
  • Preventing Burnout
  • Sleep Like a Baby
  • Presenting with Confidence

Consultancy Services

We offer a wide range of consultancy services, tailored to your specific needs.  Services include (but are not limited to):

  • Safety Climate Survey administration, analysis and recommendations
  • Safety Culture Assessment administration, analysis and recommendations
  • Quality of Working Life / Engagement Survey administration, analysis, recommendations
  • Helping you develop a plan of action based around survey findings
  • Guidance on delivering on assessment findings – putting your plan into action
  • Human Factors specialist support for incident investigation
  • Specific Human Factors task analysis
  • Training / up-skilling around improving Safety, Health and Well-being Culture
  • Developing understanding within the organisation of Human Factors and task design
  • Specific consultancy projects requiring Organisational Culture and Human Factors input
  • BioNeuroPsychological approaches to Safety, Health and Well-being Culture improvement (sometimes referred to in the Safety arena as Neuro-Safety).
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Speaker Engagements

Looking for something a little different for your industry conference?  Or perhaps you have an internal safety, health or well-being conference and you’d like an external speaker to appear at?  

There are a wide range of topics we would love to come and speak about.  Our Conference sessions are engaging, insightful and interactive.  So if you’d like to jazz things up a bit and create a buzz…


Coaching Services

As well as our wealth of Webinar, Speaking and Consultancy experience, we also offer one-to-one coaching for employees.  There are many ways in which your employees might benefit from some coaching sessions with a member of our team.  

Whatever the reason, our team can help.  Coaching can help your employees gain clarity and confidence, hone in on their goals and how they work to achieve them, break through limiting beliefs to access their true potential, become an inspiring leader. 


  • Perhaps you’d like to support a recently promoted leader in developing their skills at communicating and engaging with their team.
  • Maybe a member of your team is unsure about their career progression goals and would like to work that through.
  • Perhaps you have an employee who is nervous about presenting, yet needs to learn in order to progress.
  • Maybe you recognise the value in making coaching services available to your team to help them continually improve and truly thrive throughout their working life.

Therapy Services

Most organisations offer counselling services through their Employee Assistance Programmes, but we know that not every therapy works for every person.  At Origami we offer an alternative to these services for those employees that need something a little bit different to support them when they hit difficult times.  If you’d like to discuss what we can offer…

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