I help children and young people find their confidence and thrive.

Supportive, gentle and effective therapy that works. Reading, Berkshire and Online.

Is this you?

Constantly worrying about your child / young person and if they are OK. Trying to get them to open up, but knowing that they won’t necessarily tell their parent what they are struggling with. Running through every possible scenario of what could be going on, in your mind and feeling anxious as a result. Not knowing what to do to help and feeling powerless.

Some days you can’t shake the feeling of worry and unease and you don’t know where to turn. Dreading that something bad might happen.

I help children from age 5 upwards to understand and manage their minds, so that they are empowered to help themselves as they grow and navigate life.

Dr. Joyce Elisha

Ph.D., BSc., MPrac.CogHyp., Dip.CogHyp., NLP Prac., Certified Sleep Performance Coach., Certified Project You Coach., Certificate Trauma and the Brain., BPS (reg.), NCH (reg.), QCHPA (reg.)

Joyce is a qualified and insured Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner. She holds a Degree in Biological Sciences, a Masters in Work Design and Ergonomics, and a Ph.D. in Human Factors.

Joyce holds professional memberships with the Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association, the National Council for Hypnotherapy and is fully DBS checked.

After being handed a diagnosis of PTSD and some talking therapy, Joyce was left wondering what to do next. Get back on with life? She was still struggling with patterns of thinking and behaviour that were keeping her stuck, self-sabotaging.

It was after a chat about Cognitive Hypnotherapy with Kate one day that she agreed to let Kate ‘give it a go’ (not really believing it would make all that much difference!)

It turned out to be a game changer and Joyce went on to qualify as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist herself. Joyce now helps children and young people thrive so that they can live confident, happy and fulfilled lives.

Joyce’s areas of specialist interest are:

  • Supporting and enabling children and young people to thrive.
  • Educating and supporting parents about neurodivergence and how to best support their children.
  • Supporting children and young people in developing resilience for life.

This change ignited my passion to train as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist myself. I want to help children to understand how their mind works, to recognise their emotions and teach them how to manage them so they can navigate the world as they grow with a sense of confidence and freedom.

Who I Work With

I can help children from age 5 upwards to understand and manage their minds, so that they are empowered to help themselves as they grow and navigate life. I passionately believe that we all need to understand better how to manage our emotions, from childhood, so we are in charge, not our emotions.

I can help you or Your Child


Stop the worry and self-doubt


Feel in control of your emotions and reactions


Feel calm, confident and (yes) even courageous


Eliminate exhaustion

What Will You Get?

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Free Consultation

I offer a free, no obligation, consultation where: you're invited to share what's troubling you, ask me questions and discover if I can help you.


Cognitive Hypnotherapy

I use the best tools from evidence-based hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, Gestalt, neuro-linguistic programming & positive psychology


Therapeutic Coaching

I provide a powerful process to help you unlock your potential and maximise your performance whether at home, work or in sports.

How It Works

When we start, I'll spend time listening to you to form a clear picture of what's causing you or your child troubles. I'll then introduce tools and techniques I think will be helpful to you both.

For example, if you/your child have anxiety, I'll choose techniques that free you from the intensity of the symptoms. Or, if you have depression, I'll choose techniques to lift your mood.

Whatever your situation, I'll always help you feel soothed, calm and safe. And we'll move at a pace that feels manageable for you.

My clients appreciate there's no textbook answer which tries to fit them into a box. Instead, I treat you as the unique person you are. In other words, your sessions and the tools and techniques I use, are completely tailored to your needs.

Your Progress

Once your worst symptoms, feelings and thoughts have passed, I'll help you gently build a sense of self-worth.
So that you can begin to see a better future for yourself.

We'll then start your journey into the life you want to be living:

  • Sessions are held in person, or on zoom (or Skype if required)
  • Each session last around 50-60 minutes
  • You'll learn tools and techniques to use between sessions and for life
  • Everything you tell me is confidential

Invest In Yourself

One Session


Six Session Block Booking


10 Session Block Booking


Rest Assured

  • You won't spend hundreds of pounds for months on end
  • You'll never be left feeling unheard
  • You'll come away feeling more confident, resilient and capable
  • You won't be asked to do silly things
  • You won't do anything you're not comfortable with
  • You're never out of control or under my control

I promise to

  • Treat you with kindness, integrity and care.
  • Listen without judgement, no matter what you tell me.
  • Help you feel safe and supported.
  • Do my best for you, every step of the way.
  • Support you to create the life you want

What Our Clients Say

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We offer a free, no obligation, 30 minute consultation where you’re invited to share what’s troubling you, ask us questions and discover how we can help you.

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