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Inspirational quotes – do they work?

With the volume of ‘helpful’ quotes floating around social media, creating the life you want should be simple right? It’s just a case of changing your mindset, and you’re off! Sadly, this often isn’t the case. While these quotes can be helpful in providing a little positive nudge in your day, to actually get to the mindset they reference can take work.

The way we perceive the world is based on our memories, experiences, values, beliefs and these are often well established. To simply change them in response to reading a quote, or hearing an idea is unlikely. There are reasons you view the world as you do and changing these perceptions often requires exploration and adjustment of the underlying beliefs.

Say, for example, we have a deeply held belief that life is hard and we will always struggle. We are likely to perceive any obstacle or challenging situation as evidence of this belief. We become biased in the way we interpret the things that happen so they support our belief and that then reinforces it.

“That’s all very helpful, Kate” you might say “but what do we actually do about it?” In order to access different perceptions of the things that happen, we need to explore the underlying beliefs and adjust them to remove the limitations they place on us. Cognitive hypnotherapy is a way of achieving this. We gently explore the underlying (often unconscious) beliefs that are limiting us and adjust them to help us achieve what we want.

It’s like a line of dominoes, once you reset the unhelpful belief, the way you perceive the things that happen and respond to them changes too and that then reinforces a new way of perceiving the world.

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