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Limited by your phobia?

I suspect everyone has some sort of fear or phobia. I used to be phobic of confined spaces (claustrophobia) – even crawling under the bed to grab something I had dropped under there would send my heart racing and I could feel the panic rising. Watching films where characters were trapped in confined spaces would have me pacing and hiding behind my hands!

Phobias can be about just about anything, like fear of spiders, snakes, heights – and they can be they can be things that can significantly impact on everyday life, things like agoraphobia (fear of open spaces), fear of social occasions, or fear of taking exams. I once heard it said that phobias are funny to anyone who isn’t suffering the phobia.



So, what’s the difference between a fear and a phobia? Fear is generally a short term reaction to some perceived danger – perhaps you hear a loud, unexpected ‘bang’ and you jump, your heart racing. You may look around you to try to figure out where the sound came from and once you are sure there is no danger to you, your heart rate returns to normal and you carry on with your day.

A phobia can be triggered by a particular situation / object (like getting on a plane) or even by the thought of that situation or object (the anticipation of that long awaited holiday is dampened by the fear of having to take a flight to get there). In phobias that anxiety tends to last longer and can even trigger panic attacks, both when the phobia stimulus is present and at the mere thought of it.

One of the key things separating a fear from a phobia is the intensity of the response you have to the stimulus, or even the thought of the stimulus. Sure, it’s normal to get a little anxious before a big exam, but when that anxiety turns to terror, you are likely looking at a phobia. Not that I suppose the definition much matters – the experience is extremely unpleasant and can be limiting.

The good news is, phobias don’t have to be permanent. I remember the day I got my claustrophobia sorted, in one single Cognitive Hypnotherapy session. I kept having to test myself! I even watched a film that evening about a guy who was buried alive and I was able to actually sit and watch it!

So whether it’s a phobia of flying, heights, spiders, snakes, bubble wrap, needles or anything else, there are ways to get past your phobia. And even better, it can be quick, easy, powerful and permanent. Get in touch to arrange your free consultation and find out more about how I can help:


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