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Making the Leap

Three years ago today I left the corporate world and soon after launched Origami – Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Consultancy Services. Today I am reflecting. Reflecting on the past three years and what I have experienced, learned and how my life has changed. It has been one helluva journey so far!

Anyone who has ever left secure employment to leap into the unknown world of self-employment might well appreciate that it comes with many sources of excitement and many of fear. And while we may leap with a plan, that plan must evolve, for not every eventuality can be planned for.

It all began with construction – construction of a website, construction of a beautiful, calm therapy cabin, construction of many, many hand-folded Origami business cards (yes, I really did that!) And I set to work.

I made many mistakes in those early months, some of them financially costly and all of them huge and valuable learning experiences. I was really doing this! It was a few short months after launching Origami something unprecedented happened. Yes, that thing. COVID-19 hit and the world shut down.

It was here, at this point that I discovered something incredible. That something? Opportunity. Suddenly my whole plan was essentially out the window. I could no longer see clients because face to face meeting was not allowed. Being a new business I didn’t qualify for any support and so I had to figure it out. FAST.

So I took my business online and guess what? Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Business Consultancy can all be done very effectively online. I hated it at first. But I grew used to it over time and now around 90% of my business is online, meaning that I can work with clients anywhere there is an internet connection and it saves on travel time, costs and the environment.

And so Origami continued to steadily grow. And in the background, life changed in many other ways. I learned to paint and people loved my artwork, so I worked harder and stretched my boundaries and sought opportunities to grow in skill and scope. We adopted a rescue street dog from Cyprus and brought him over during lockdown, and are still now learning more and more about working with anxious dogs.

And through it all I have continued to work with the most incredible, courageous, inspiring people I have ever had the fortune to meet. People who have survived and worked to overcome awful physical and emotional trauma, crippling self-doubt, phobias, self-limiting beliefs, destructive relationships and much more. Each and every one is a source of inspiration and a symbol of just what can be achieved.

And me? I have learned to let go of a lot of the extraneous stuff. I have learned to live a more peaceful, fulfilled life of balance and appreciation of the simple pleasures.

So if you are considering making a change, get out and explore the options and the opportunities. And if you feel you are being limited by self-doubt, or fear, or anything else get in touch at

And watch this space for an exciting announcement about Origami – COMING SOON!

Good luck!

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