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Visualising the life you want

You’ve probably come across the idea of visualisation before right? Where you imagine yourself living the life you want, achieving the success you desire? Whether it’s kicking a** in that meeting, or beating your personal best at the gym, the evidence suggests that visualisation – of both the success and the practice – can help you achieve your goals.

So what is visualisation? Put simply, it is imagining yourself doing the thing you want to do successfully. And it is not just about visualising the success, but the process of achieving that success, that can make all the difference.

When we visualise what we want to do we start to actually build the neural pathways in the brain to completing that action – it is almost as powerful as doing the task in real life. As the neural pathways develop (just like when we physically practice a task) we become more and more slick at doing it.



When you visualise, fill in as much detail as you can – the environment you will be in, the sounds, smells, sights, how you are standing, striding, moving. The more detail the better! It doesn’t matter if that actually turns out to be the reality, but the more ‘real’ you can make your imagined practice feel, the more powerful the practice becomes.

So whether it’s striding into that important meeting, or smashing your PB in the gym, have a go at visualising what you want to achieve and how you go about doing it and see what happens!

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